• Evropa: February 2007.

"...What kind of experts we are talking about,is best told by mentioning some of clients from their rich busines biography -Nortel, Hewlett Packard, Sun Microsystems, IBM, TV houses NBC, CBS..." Our newspapers especially refer to device PHANTOM, in wich realization they´ve helped, it is very precise instrument utilized even in medicine for complex brain surgeries.

Knowledge from software domain is deployed in the most various areas of human activities: medicine, space technologies, medias and recently in linguistics...

  • Reporter: February 2006.

"...We are working on operation systems that provide significant development capabilities for different aplications. Systems that are used in different kind of industries, especially those which require processing of data or tasks in real time (medicine, military industry). Recently we were developing softvare for SONY systems utilized in broadcasting industry CBS, NBC...The Tablet on which we worked a few years ago, Microsoft is working on it now, and development team (in Belgrade) is formed. Some of stuff we were working on was presented on CNN, in review of tehnical achievments..."

  • CNN: 2000.

Science report: Presentation of PHANTOM'S abilitiy.